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Has anyone used a Vervaco kit? If so, is it printed on canvas or chart? What did you think about it? I'd hate to spend the money if it's not user friendly. Thanks!
Does anyone know where I can get the bottom half of the color guide for this latch hook kit? I got it on eBay (sealed) but it is missing the bottom half of the color guide. The manufacturer is no longer in business. Many thanks.
can you tell me please are there two sizes for latch hooks? I just finished one rug hook kit no problem, opened second box the yarn is alot smaller Its like the yarn is too short for my hook Thank yo Joan
I do not have enough of one colour yarn to finish my latch hook prowling tiger # 37768 is it possible to order it from the company?
The kit I received as a gift has a completely different forest green yarn. It is more of a light yellow green
This is the one my mom bought with missing instructions. If anyone knows a way to get them I'd greatly appreciate it. I'd even pay half the cost of the kit if anyone still has theirs.
Does anyone have a copy of these they could email to me my daughter lost her instructions for butterfly 426133
I ran out of colors for my fantasia kit and I have no idea who to get a hold of to have them send me the colors
My puppy got ahold of my color chart amd shredded it, i need help
Is the canvas color coded? How do I find only color coded canvases for latch hook?
I need latch hook kits that are color coded on the canvas are yours done this way
I'm so confused, I have no clue where I'm suppose to start on the canvas. The canvas has more boxes and holes then the picture grid. Please help Thank you Patti
Whew, took me a while to find this my question is when using mesh canvas and there are different piece to the pattern, such as mine to the left of this other words ex: the do I latch hook on the mesh? Do I cut out a pattern first or hook it first? I really do not understand the instructions. Can I scan the instruction to this chit chat so someone can explain it to me? TIA, Myan
I received the spring birds rug I ordered..upon taking it out of the box I’m disappointed with how sloppy cut the mat is..instead of following a straight line it’s been cut into the row of squares on a slant causing the mat to be frayed on two edges..& the chart is so tiny it’s impossible to count where to begin..the colors aren’t packaged each color separate..their all together making it more difficult to find & place in correct square..I’m very disappointed..this is a far cry from how hook rug kits use to’s become very sloppy & shows the seller is only interested in making a buck & not customer satisfaction..I also bought another rug that I haven’t opened & am considering sending it back..I wouldn’t recommend buying from this company!

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