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Good afternoon could any one help me I am doing micro teach exam and my chosen subject latch hook. Could some one help me and tell me what the difference between 4 count canvas 3.75 and 5 count rug canvas and 18 count rug canvas pleas
Hi, I'm new to this site and can't find where it says that you ship to other countries. I'm from Australia and going from your prices, even with the exchange rate, your products are cheaper than what is available here in our shops.
Looking for a Golden Retriever kit, head only, no larger than 24x24, prefer stamped mesh. Found one on eBay but too large (24x34).
Do they still make kits that have the picture stamped on the canvas? If so, can somebody tell me where to purchase an inexpensive one and a brand name? I purchased one and the canvas is not stamped and I am very disappointed.
I have a new Lavender & Lace pattern that calls for a thread 282 Z and I am having trouble locating this thread. Where can I purchase?
So I have lost my latch hook graph picture and color sheet and I have barely finished the rug. It's a hummingbird floral latch hook rug and I was hoping if someone could send me a picture of the graph and the color sheet. Please comment if you could send me a picture so I could give you my contact information, thank you so much!!!!
My daughter is working on this and we have lost the color key chart... if anyone has and is willing to pass along we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you
How do stretch this type canvas?
I would like to know when you will or can order more hummingbird floral # 37755
Does anyone have a copy of the Sierra pattern sheet, the sku is 058490? I have lost mine and only a quarter of the way done.
where do i go to find kits that have the canvas preprinted with the picture on them? i will not count to do a kit since my eyesight is an issue but i love doing them if i can find the right kit???help
I would like to order 2 of the daisy Latch hook kits but ended up with 8 when tried to order. Also can I pay with visa debit card, and what will be the total cost to Glendale 2285 Australia. Thanks Regards Denise
I have a Macaw #13-232 but I don't have the canvas or color pattern. Where can I get this?
Hello, We have the Midnight Wolves Latch Hook Kit, but the color chart is missing. Can anyone help us locate one, or give tips on how to complete the project without the chart? We have the printed canvas and all the yarns. Thank you!
I just finished a small 8x10 inch project, and the canvas has distorted from a rectangle to a parallelogram. How can I stretch the canvas back into the correct shape.

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