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I bought this latch hook rug for $120.00 I love the pattern but the yarn is too short to latch. More importantly, it is so inferior, it splits apart before you can pull it through. Can I get different yarn , of better quality or do I have to pack it & send it back? Please let me know my options. Thank you Diane Cloutier order #129243
looking for crossstitch with words: God is Good or Life is Good
i hope you do, if not maybe you can tell me where to look next it needs to be larger than 12x12
i need heat transfer rug, need a larger rug with it
Does anyone have a copy of the Sierra pattern sheet, the sku is 058490? I have lost mine and only a quarter of the way done.
I have this latch hook kit and I have misplaced the paper that has the color grid. The canvas is colored but I know that these don’t always match the exact yarn color. Does anyone out there have this??
I made this into a pillow for my granddaughter she loved it. However. I noticed that the threads were so soft you had to be careful when pulling them through that they didn't ravel. I wished that the colors were a little brighter. When I showed it to people it was a little difficult to tell what it was. The picture on the box was a lot brighter colors.
I have sorted out all my colors and have come up with one extra color I was wondering is you could help me figure it out? (The color at the top is extra even though that one and the brown one may look similar the string next to brown has more of a red tent)
I have a 70" round outside table cloth. I would like to put elastic on it so the wind will not blow it away. How much do I stretch elastic to be able to put it on and off but it to stay on when I want it too? About 60" of elastic stretched? I have no idea and would like some help with this. Thank you for any help.
My canvas is starting to come apart and I just started the hook rug!! Can I just tape it?
I'm sorry, I haven't quite learned how to use this site yet, I'm old!!! Anyway, to the person looking for a darker forest green, I have about 10 + shades of green as I have been doing kits for about 30 years, I said I was old. Let me know if you have an idea of the shade or maybe I can just send you one of each. For some weird reason, I have saved all of my extra yarns about since I started. Truly, D.
My cat ate my instructions to my "Elegant Roses" kit. Please help if anyone can!!! I'm very sad because I have been in two comas and have been working on this rug for I don't know how long ( no pun intended)!!! Thank you community, sincerely D.
Has anyone used a Vervaco kit? If so, is it printed on canvas or chart? What did you think about it? I'd hate to spend the money if it's not user friendly. Thanks!
Does anyone know where I can get the bottom half of the color guide for this latch hook kit? I got it on eBay (sealed) but it is missing the bottom half of the color guide. The manufacturer is no longer in business. Many thanks.
can you tell me please are there two sizes for latch hooks? I just finished one rug hook kit no problem, opened second box the yarn is alot smaller Its like the yarn is too short for my hook Thank yo Joan

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