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My mom just started on the kit for the Wonderart treble note. She has misplaced the directions for the colors. Does anyone have the kit? Can we please get a copy of the key (guide)?
So I bought this kit from Michaels craft store and it didn't have the pattern/ design paper. Does anyone know where I can get a copy. Also I have three others that are a little older..
do you ship to West |Coast Canada and what would be the cost for the above rung canvas
So I got this latch hook kit to make a rug for my niece for Christmas. I'm looking at the printed diagram, and I counted the number of rows on the canvas. The problem is that the diagram doesn't exactly match with where the colors are supposed to go on the canvas. It seems to be one row off. Has anyone else had this problem? The colors are supposed to go on the row where it's designated, not one above or below right?
I received this kit by mail in Canada. I have all the pieces however the pattern is not drawn on the canvas. Does this mean I will have to draw all the nineteen pieces on the canvas? This is very complicated since the paper pattern is much smaller, some of the pieces overlap and I do not understand or have an explanation for the numbers that are placed within each piece on the paper pattern. Is it a mistake that the pattern is not drawn on the canvas? Can anyone assist? I may have to return the entire package since it is not clear how to transfer the pattern onto the canvas?
I got a Noah's arch latch kit set years ago for a Christmas gift but lost the colour key chart. Does someone have it?
My daughter is working on this and we have lost the color key chart... if anyone has and is willing to pass along we would greatly appreciate it! Thank you
I bought this a few years ago and only got a piece of the grey completed before setting it on a shelf and forgetting about it. Here recently, I decided that i wanted to jump back in and finish the latch hook design. I have all of the yarn, canvas, and even the latch hook tool. Unfortunately, I am missing the color guide that coordinates with the design. I was hoping somebody had a copy of this or even knows how I can get one so I can finish this! My email is if anybody has a copy! I appreciate any and all help that I can get!
I found my old latch kit of the tiger cub and I lost the chart... could someone please send the chart if you have it??
I am still looking for help finding out how to finish a latch hook rug my grandmother did long ago. It was never bound and one edge is coming unraveled with the yarn coming out. I would like to know how to repair it, get it finished on the edges and how to hang it. I am I the Denver area.
My wife did latch hook rugs for about 10 years. Then she stopped and started doing stained glass. She past away about 6 months ago. While going through her things in a closet, I found a Shillcraft 407 Xanadu latch hook rug 4 foot long. The rug is about 4.5 inches from being finished. I am in the process of finding a person in the Denver area to finish the rug. However, it looks like there isn't enough of some of the colors (do not know for sure) . The yarn is Shillcraft 6 ply wool rug yarn. Anybody made this rug and have any leftover yarn. Shillcraft has been bought by a new company and no longer carries this rug or its yarn. It is a beautiful pattern and I would like to get it finished and placed in a bedroom in memory of my wife. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
I am looking for someone to help me with a latch hook rug my grandmother did over 30 years ago. The edges were not finished and one side has started to unravel. I would like to get it repaired, get the edges finished and find out how to hang if. I have no abilities of my own to do this. I live in the Denver area. Any one able to guide me?
Does anyone have a photo of the key color chart of the froggy? I bought mine from a garage sale and it didn't come with it. Will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
The quality is good, but I was shorted some long white yarn. I also don't believe there is enough long red yarn. I called the company & was told they would send what I need. I have not received the yarn & there has been ample time. I will call again tomorrow. Needless to say I am disappointed with their customer service. Nancy
Is this a complete cushion that just has to be stuffed when finished

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