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Is this a huggable toy
About a year ago I bought the tiger cub latch hook kit. I got about halfway through before losing the papers with the color charts on them. Is there any way I can get a replacement of them without buying a whole other kit? And if so, who can I contact? Thanks in advance!
Hello. My problem is I don’t understand the instructions to tweed the colors on the Mickey Mouse face so I need like a video or something or a step by step illustration or something like that so please. If somebody has a solution please let me know thank you!
Need the color chart for this how do I get one thank you
Has anyone seen this kit for sale? It is discontinued and hard to find. Rare Vintage Dachshunds Dogs Latch Hook Rug Kit Herrschners 27" x 39"
Looking for kits that have shoes ,make-up , perfume bottles etc.
Hi does this latch hook kits have everything in it reading reviews they say rhings ate missing
The yarn that comes in the kit is too short to work for adult fingers. the yarn is also inferior and splits as you pull it threw making it look very sloppy & untidy. Can I get yarn that is at least 2 1/2 inches long in the colors I need or must I return the whole kit? If I have to return the kit = where do I send it? Thank you for your time Diane Cloutier 678-594-3518
We have misplaced our directions/pattern for swingin’. Is there anyway we can get just the pattern?
When I got this product the illustrated instructions were not in the box and I was wondering if anyone had a copy of them that they could e mail to me.
I picked up a vintage latch hook canvas and Bucilla yarn at a thrift store in September and am unable to complete the background until I locate about 750 pieces of Bucilla Super Spun Dupont Orlon acrylic yarn in the color Sandstone #525, made in the USA. It's a cream color with quite a bit of yellow tint to it. The packaging at that time of manufacture was a 3 1/2" x 7" rectangular package with light yellow and brown ink, not the round wrapped tight packaging. I've been scouring auction and craft websites in the hope of finding it. No other cream/off white/light yellow is close enough to substitute over such a large area. I thought maybe someone here picks up random vintage latch hook yarn like I do and would be willing to sell it.
Hi, I am curious when this item will be back in stock? Or more specifically when I would receive it if ordered. I am also curious about your tigger latch hook. Thank you, Zak
Hi --I am looking for color stamped canvas to latch hook...I do cross stitch on Jack Dempsey stamped canvas. The latch hook would be a change to do something different.. Any help where I can get this would be appreciated.
Hi. Does anyone have the swinging monkey guide? I lost mine when I was moving and would love to finish it. Thank you!
Hello. I am hoping that some one will be able to help me. I have the Wonderart/Caron latch hook kit, Mother's Pride # 4459 that is 27x40 inches. I need to locate the pattern/key- yarn guide that tells you what colors to latch where. The one that I had was destroyed and cannot be repaired as it is in little shreds (thanks to my cats and a water spill). I tried calling the company to see if they had one in their archive but the Wonderart/Caron company was just bought out earlier this year and the new company that purchased it, did not have the archives come with the sale. They are now only selling latch hook kits to Joann Fabrics and Micheal's... directly. If anyone has this pattern/color grid of where to place the strands of yarn on the canvas mesh and could make me a copy of this, I would be most grateful. The kit will be really hard to do without this yarn key grid. I already tried looking on line to see if I could find one to down load and have not had any luck. ANY help would be appreciated.

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