Wonderart Color Chart Missing

We have the Midnight Wolves Latch Hook Kit, but the color chart is missing. Can anyone help us locate one, or give tips on how to complete the project without the chart? We have the printed canvas and all the yarns.

Thank you!
Posted by: LovestoStitch on 08/07/14
I lost my desings chat Can you help me with give tips how to complete my lacth hook. I need the dirctions page .for fine wine rug lacth hook.
by: on 02/11/17
Hello LovestoStitch,

WonderArt is owned by Caron so all you would need to do is contact them and let them know you need a replacement chart for your kit and they will get one out to you. Since they are the manufacturer of the kit, they will have all of the replacement supplies for it. Here is their website and contact information:


Thank you!
~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 02/13/17
I just threw out my chart!! It is a gorgeous Latch Hook once it is completed. I completed my one in two weeks and gifted it to a friend. Good Luck. I couldn't find my colour chart for the African Elephant one so I contacted Caron and they sent me a new one.
by: on 02/20/17