So I bought this kit from Michaels craft store and it didn't have the pattern/ design paper. Does anyone know where I can get a copy. Also I have three others that are a little older..
Posted by: Amsterbabe on 11/16/16

Which kit are you missing the chart/instructions from? There should be a name of the manufacturer of the kit on the box somewhere and if I knew that information, I could give you their contact info so you can contact them for the chart. Some examples are: Caron, Wonder Art, MCG Textiles, etc....

The manufacturers of the kits will be the ones that have replacement items for their products and especially if something is missing from their kit that should be there (like the chart) then they should be contacted so they can correct the issue for you. Just let me know if you have a manufacturer name and I can get you their contact info :) Thanks!

~Kristi @ ELH
by: Kristi @ ELH on 11/17/16
the Praying hands are from Malina style number is 25/30. (18x24)
the Joy Snowman is from Valiant Crafts is number 9694 (12x12)
Gingham Teddy is National Yarn Crafts number P416 (12x12)
Noel Heart is Sew Sample #H116 (12x12)
Best Friends Latch Hook Kit #P492 is Wonderart number or national yarn crafts
by: Amsterbabe on 11/17/16

So all of the 6 of the kits you purchased are missing the actual charts/instructions? That is very strange. I can do my best with finding contact information as the only one we do service with is WonderArt.

WonderArt Info: (WonderArt, Caron and National Yarn Crafts are all under the company Yarnspirations)

Here is the information I found for Valiant Crafts:
I am not sure how accurate that is or if they are still even in business but I googled the name and address that I got off the latch hook box in your picture and that's what came up.

As far as Malina and Sew Simple, I did not have any luck finding any business information on those. If there's some type of address on those boxes for those companies, you could always google that and see where it gets you? Just an idea.

Again, I am not sure if Valiant Crafts is still in business but contacting Yarnspirations will get you your charts for the WonderArt and National Yarn Craft kits. Hopefully, this helps out somewhat? Sorry, I don't have all of the information for you :( Maybe someone on here has these older kits and can you send you a copy of the chart that you need?!

~Kristi @ ELH

by: Kristi @ ELH on 11/18/16
I also bought a latch hook rug kit on Ebay that was made by Malina. Without the paper grid, the kits are useless. I ended up giving my away to a local charity. If you have had any luck in finding the grid/design paper, please let me know. I want to buy another latch hook rug kit by Malina (The Lord Is My Shepherd) for my best friend for Christmas, but it is sealed and the Seller won't open it to see if the grid/design paper is inside. Since I got burned on 1 Malina latch hook kit, I don't want to get burned again. The kit has a number close to yours - #25/31. I tried to do a search for Malina and found they were out of business in 1980. There were owned by Armour Handcrafts, who were owned by Bucilla. But that's as far as I could get. Good luck, and I look forward to hearing good news.
by: Darlene on 08/15/17