Seeking Old Bucilla Latch hook color 525
I picked up a vintage latch hook canvas and Bucilla yarn at a thrift store in September and am unable to complete the background until I locate about 750 pieces of Bucilla Super Spun Dupont Orlon acrylic yarn in the color Sandstone #525, made in the USA.

It's a cream color with quite a bit of yellow tint to it. The packaging at that time of manufacture was a 3 1/2" x 7" rectangular package with light yellow and brown ink, not the round wrapped tight packaging.

I've been scouring auction and craft websites in the hope of finding it. No other cream/off white/light yellow is close enough to substitute over such a large area. I thought maybe someone here picks up random vintage latch hook yarn like I do and would be willing to sell it.
Posted by: nanbym on 11/18/16
I do believe that I just got the same latch hook today but I have but I have no clue on what it is your pattern key or anything so is their only the 2 colors for this an can you please tell me what it is and send me the design for the pattern and the color grid as well thank you
by: on 05/07/18