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I got the Wonderart Pinwheel latch hook kit and there are 2 bunches of shorter string (about 4”) and 1 bunch of longer strings (just over 4.5”) but the instructions mention nothing of these different lengths.. Is it significant? Is this just miscut yarn? What’s going on? Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
I'm looking for a magnifier lamp to attatach to my hoop.
does anyone have the color pattern for the baby tiger latch hook kit ? or know where I could possibly download it ?
I have been working on this latch hook i was given by a friend my first ive ever done and now over 10 years later i have not yet finished i recently took out my art box and found the latch hook i would now like to really finish it but in all my moving from place to place I have lost the color key and have looked everywhere to find one and have e-mail companies if anybody can give it to me or knows where i can find it would be greatly appreciated. It is the dolphins latch hook #4453 thank you
Please anybody help need color key for this latch hook
Hello, We have the Midnight Wolves Latch Hook Kit, but the color chart is missing. Can anyone help us locate one, or give tips on how to complete the project without the chart? We have the printed canvas and all the yarns. Thank you!
I am desperately hunting a company that sells latch hook pillow kits ALREADY FINISHED with a backing sewn on/permanently attached to the latch hook canvas grid so that when the latch hooking is all finished you just stuff it with a pillow form/insert and close the zipper and you are completely done. Any and all recommendations/names of companies will be appreciated. My e-mail is: Thank you.
I am beginner who needs all tools and materials for this project. Can you provide everything I need in the kit for beginner level? I can buy extra tools/materials as needed.
Can anyone tell me how I find out what mesh count my latch hook canvas is. Cannot see any figures on package
Can anyone tell me how to convert a personal photo into a latch hook creation. I would like to use a picture of my grandchildren.
I recently purchased a pattern from Everything Crosstitch - Jolies Fleurs from Tralala. I opened it up to find the pattern and the list of floss needed. But nothing to indicate placement of the floss to coincide with the pattern. No numbers, no symbols. I have been crosstitching for over 65 yrs and have never had this happen before. The pattern has a internet contact but it is written in a foreign language (I think it might be from a Scandinavian country). I tried contacting them, but, again no English. Any suggestions? Thank you.
I am lost on the colors with it
put it on the chiechat site. i did no writeit downbutdid did not write its . .vit down,now i would love to stithch it,but do not know where to get the pattern. please put the designer here and how to get it. thank you for postig the address here agai so i canpurhase it for posting the address again Berna tancreti putuu
I have been asked by friends and family for custom completed kits. However, I don't think I am able to create a custom pattern to work on the kit. Does anyone know an app or website that converts photos into a pattern?
I bought a latch hook kit the canvas appears to be cut in the wrong direction. in order to do the latches on the horizontal lines instead of the vertical wrapped lines I'm going to actually be starting in the bottom corner and doing it up the side instead of from the bottom to the top does that matter? I guess what I'm trying to say is the latches will actually end up being on the vertical lines instead of the horizontal lines will that affect the overall look?

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